Livefire Photography strives to provide top-quality photography to its clients. With automated ordering, the process is very straightforward for standard sized prints, and any non-standard prints or papers can be ordered by contacting the photographer using the form at the bottom of each page. The handling of your requests, though, is done a little differently. The photographer gets very high quality prints done locally by a company that inspects each print for quality, then the photographer also verifies that the prints are up to his quality standards before sending out. This ensures that you’re getting the best prints possible, all done on museum-quality papers. Additionally, by contacting the photographer for any services other than standard-sized prints on standard paper, the photographer has the opportunity to ensure that your needs are met the best possible way. This mix of automated and personal service results in your getting photographs that you’ll enjoy for years to come.
Services offered by Livefire Photography include:  
  • Standard-sized, exceptional quality prints
  • Non-standard print sizes that are personally addressed by the photographer
  • Custom framing with no additional up-charge (the cost of the framing is all you pay)
  • Specialty media, including metal, canvas (rolled or wrapped) or watercolor paper
  • Hand-packaged and shipped photographs that have been personally inspected by the photographer
  • Equine event photography
  • Cards, either blank or personalized
  • Portrait sessions (portrait sessions must include horses!)
  • Commissioned work, including menu/food items or specific photography at an event

Contact the Photographer

If you have any questions or would like to discuss commission or portrait work, please let me know!


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